Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?
4 seater: 950L x 950W x 790H
6 seater: 1450L x 1150W x 790H
8 Seater (Square): 1450L x 1450W x 790H
8 Seater (Rectangle): 1950L x 1150W x 790H

Can I custom make a table?
For complete custom projects, we work closely with a carpenter that has a lot of experience in designing gaming tables. Just send us through an enquiry with some details about what you're looking at making and we will connect you.

How are the LEDs powered?
The LEDs are powered by a cable that connects to a powerpoint.
This cord can be disconnected and stored while not in use.

How do the toppers work?
For toppers we have 2 options:
1. Play-Area Topper - This topper is inset, and only covers the lowered play area, allowing you to use the card holders and cup holders while the topper is on.







2. Complete Topper - Covers the whole table surface, including borders.










Are the legs removable?

The steel legs are removable by unscrewing 4 bolts from each leg with a screwdriver/drill.
The solid timber legs are not removable.

Do you have photos of timber legs and topper?
We're still building our website and we'll have photos of our timber legs and complete topper soon!

How does shipping work?
We use professional removalists to deliver and install the table pre-built to your home. If your address is not listed on our shipping options, please send us an enquiry/message before you place your order. We need to see if removalist/courier shipping is available to your location and get a quote for you before we can confirm anything.

What is the lead time?
Based on our current customer queue, tables are taking 4 - 8 weeks to be ready for delivery.
*The COVID outbreak has added ~6 weeks to most lead times.

What are your payment options?
We can start your order with a 50% deposit if you wish. If you'd like to do this, please send us a msg/enquiry and we'll send you an invoice!